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I have a 18 month old aquarium. It is a 30 l (~8 gallons) cube from Dennerle. Currently used for a betta. I love this tank, but seems to be more 'alive' than expected, I have found 2 'pests' in the last 6 months. So 1 year into the tank life. the first thing to show up were some form of 'crustaceans' for lack of an actual term, they left my betta alone, seem to spend most time on the algae or on the plants, and the populations seems quite stable ... so did not bother with them much. Now I found some form of moss (i think it is too structured to be algae) growing from the driftwood. I did not plant any moss at any time. So I want to know your opinion and make sure I do not waste time in taking care of something that can affect my tank a lot later.
Included as many details as possible and pictures.

-Size: 30 l (8 Gallons)
-Substrate : Dennerle active soil
-Filter: Dennerle corner filter
-Light: Dennerle PowerLED 5.0 (5 wats, 200 [email protected] 30cm) 4hr light/3 hr dark/3 hr light each day.
-Plants: Cryptocoryne wendtii, Cryptocoryne undulata, Cryptocoryne crispata, Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini'.
-Decoration: Drift wood
-Temperature: 26C (78F)
-CO2 Dennerle bioCO2 (only in summer) when there is a lot of ligth all the time.


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Looks like a little strand of Java moss. No harm keeping it if you like Java moss, I prefer not having it in my own tanks. The "bugs" look to be copepods but hard to say for sure from the photo. Holes in leaves are likely a nutrient deficiency. Do you use any fertilizers?
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