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Ok, so what I did to get rid of my pond/bladder snail infestation was this:

Find an unused club card or old gift card.
Hold in hand and plunge hand into tank.
Use card to smoosh snails.
Let dead snail float to the bottom
Let fish and other tank inhabitants eat snails
Gravel vac on regular schedule to remove any debris (ya know, whenever you would normally do it).

Takes months, but it works. This is of course along side feeding less and I got 3 assassin snails. I also noticed my kuhli loaches eating up some snails. I know assassins poison their prey so I'm thinking my loaches eat the dying ones. they'd always leave the alive ones. I'd find snail grave yards under my driftwood where my loaches like to hide.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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