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Persistent cloudy water question

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about a week ago ago I put my hand in the tank to scrub the algae and diatoms off the side of the tank and rubbed some brown stuff off of my plants. Ever since that day I wake up to a tank of cloudy milky water. If i put the water in a white cup, it looks brownish. I let it go for about 2 days to see what happened and the water got so cloudy my plants began to die. My parameters are fine so I cant figure out whats going on!

The only algae that "regrew" was green spot algae, in force, on the sides of the tank. Other than that and the milky water there doesnt seem to a problem except for lack of light killing my plants. I've already done 2 50% water changes and 2 10% water changes and filter changes while retaining the biomedia and today I again woke up to cloudy water.

Is there any way to determine the source of cloudy water?

My substrate is SMS
150 watt T5/T8
No heater
Temp is 78 degrees F
55 gallon tank about 9 months old
Dosing every week with about 5 ml flourish comprehensive
2 cichlids and 6 platys
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Cloudy water, caused by a bacterial bloom, often happens in new tanks. If yours is 9 months old, and just recently started doing that, something must have changed. I don't think sticking your hand in the tank would do such thing, although I don't know your hands. :tongue:

Maybe something dead in there? Something weird in your water? Something wrong with your filtration? Hard to say...
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