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I have a 60 gallon planted in which algae has been a constant struggle. I dose 1/8 KNO3 and 1/32 KH2PO4 twice a week and dose Flourish excel every day. My lights are Finnex LEDs, I think they're "Planted+" but I can't find any info on it and have no idea what their output is, but they're only on 7.5 hours per day. Tank is lightly stocked. I'm getting decent growth the way things are now, but algae just grows faster. I clean a good portion off during my weekly 15% water changes but it grows back quickly. It seems to like my wisteria, anubias, and amazon swords the most but doesn't do nearly as well on my pogostemon stellatus 'octopus'.

Is my light just too strong for going without pressurized CO2? I would prefer to just get a less powerful light and go without CO2 if this is the case.



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