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So at work, I would like to have something to stare at, so I started building a 10 gallon long aquarium that will span the back of my workbench.

I had some left over glass so I built a very small practice aquarium, 7"x5.5"x7"
And when I was done was thinking this will be cool to set up as a work shrimp tank so I can have something to look at while I take time with my 10 gallon.

At home I have a 2.5 that I put berried shrimp in from my 75 gallon. It's doing great, moss be growing and all that. So I know I can probably maintain such a small tank...

I love moss, and I love the look of a lush carpet. So I am thinking about growing 2 7x5 rectangles of moss DSM, till they are good and thick. Then I will put one of those mats in the tank on top of a sand slope, and hold it down with some nice stones that have good hardscape qualities, thus giving me a lawn and kinda iwagumi feel.

In a week, at water change time, I will switch it out with the other DSM carpet, and will keep my dry moss in a food container near my bench with good indirect sunlight.

My reasoning are thus
Won't battle any algae,
Will allow me to easily trim my mosses exactly how I want them,
Emmersed growth appears to be more compact
In nature it seems like aquatic mosses mostly grow in areas where the moss goes in and out of water.
If it grows well emmersed, no need for more than a clip on led light over the tank
I can have two different types of moss for carpets.

I'm still trying to think of what to grow the moss on, I'm thinking maybe some kinda felt, or if I can find a large enough scrubby pad.

I'll probably start it by cutting it up into tiny peices and spread it over whatever I use.

Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks

I'll put some pics up once this is rolling.
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