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"Perfect" filter on ebay?

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Does anyone have any experience with this filter? Picture wise it looks identical to the sunsun, but I'm afraid it isn't actually in the US and it will take 3 years to get here.

I'm looking to get an inexpensive canister to replace my magnum HOT. I've been please with the HOT, but I would like the ability of adding more media to it. I will then keep the HOT for polishing only.

The listing title is "

Your input is appreciated. Total cost w/shipping on this one is under $60. The others I found that actually say they are sunsun are near $100 with shipping.
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most likely the exact same filter but with different brand name
It says, at the bottom of the description
Product by PERFECT, same level brand as JEBO or SUNSUN

At $36.45 plus shipping if you can afford the loss if it cracks early, That would be hard to turn down.
Looks like they have it listed with at least one other item title. The last neutral feedback looks like the same one. Search feedback of both units and contact previous buyers to see if they're still satisfied. But remember most people might prefer to tell you they make a good decision. lol

I'd think at that price if it was only half as powerful as they claim it might be worth it. That is as long as it doesn't leak or start on fire under your tank. lol
That seller is in the US. Same seller I ordered mine from.
Thanks for the response on this. I'm leery of ebay anymore, been screwed one too many times.

Guess I'll give it a go and hope for the best. Just sick of the tiny media canister inside the HOT, but don't want to spend a ton if I don't have to.

Thanks again everyone! :)
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