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Hello Planted Tankers!

I have previously started at thread at the low tech forum, this was before I added pressurized CO2 along with fertilizers, etc. So I've decided to start a new thread as my tank has changed.

I have learned so much and yet I have so much more to learn!
My first tank set up was in July and I have recently moved to a new house in the beginning of September.
Please excuse the bad quality of the iphone cam. I am planning on learning how to properly photograph these as I go along.

Set up:
40 Gal Breeder Tank
Eco complete and cinderblock gravel

GLO T5 HO 2x39W Light fixture hung from ceiling around 8" above water surface

Hydor Koralia Evolution for water circulation, aimed at the CO2 Bubbles in a downward angle to shoot the CO2 bubbles across the tank.

Eheim Ecco 2234 Canister Filter, exhaust aimed at water surface to create ripples.

10lb CO2 tank with Red Sea setup except the "reactor" which I substituted using Elite Mini Underwater Filter as the diffuser.
I am currently at 1 bps.

-Mini Swords
-Mini Chain Swords
-1 Small anubias variety
-Christmas Moss. My attempt at a moss wall using plastic mesh (Only to find out I did not have enough moss to cover the entire wall.) Also used on a root piece I found, again attempting to make a tree like effect.
-I have many different varieties of plants in there, too lazy to list them all atm.

-20-25 Neon Tetras
-2 small guppies (going to remove into my other tank)
-8 Powder Blue Rams
-1 Electric Yellow Cichlid
-5-6 Julidochromis transcriptus
-2 Brichardi
-2 Apple Snails (1 Just died today, don't know why)
-5 Amano shrimp
-1 bamboo shrimp (hes been MIA for about a week now, I might've buried him while adding on some extra cinderblock substrate I recently added.) :(
I am eventually planning on removing the cichlid and the brichardi if they get too aggressive.

The tank is fully cycled with 0 ammonia and nitrite spikes. I have been using the filter on a smaller 30gal bowfront tank previously. The Nitrates read about 40ppm on my API FW test kit.

I am having some issues with a diatom bloom, it has been on going for a while now and I am hoping some stability in the tank will eventually be rid of them. I am doing water changes once a week 50% with RODI water.

The last 2 50% WC's I did were using the local SD tap water and the algae came back strong within 1 week.

I scrub what I can off of the glass but there is also much accumulation on leaves of the plants I have. I don't think it kills the plants because they seem to be growing just fine.

I am dosing a premixed Micro Macro Nutrient Mix for fertilizer from and dosing 5.5ml of the solution a week.

EI method is very confusing for me... I understand the concept and what its meant to accomplish yet from the mixing of the dry ferts and the changes to account for the local water supply to existing bioload and plants... its pretty confusing for me.

Currently using the nute premix, I have seen moderate to high growth in my opinion, there is new growth on nearly all of the plants, and I am noticing the the new growth seems to be lighter in color than the older leaves.

PLEASE feel free to comment and any and all advice will be much appreciated!
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