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Penguin 160 info?

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Hello everyone! I recently took over a another teacher's office at work and in the process inherited his aquarium (older 38 gal) and equipment. When I opened the office door I heard a horrible cranking sound and realized immediately that the poor filter was running despite the fact that the tank was less than half way full and the filter was bone dry.

I have since let it soak for a few days (it was covered in what looked like calcification, but I'm not even entirely sure that's what it was) and cleaned it off enough to read the name on it - Penguin 160. After cleaning it really well and piecing it back together it seems to run fine, but I'm having trouble finding any info about it. Every link I find it for replacement cartridges. I can't find any actual specs (I don't even know if it's rated to handle the load of a 38g!) ... can anyone tell me about this filter or link me to its specs? Thanks!
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Marineland ( does not list the 160 as either a current or discontinued item, though I have seen a few images via Google Images search. The Penguin 160 and 300 shared the same size cartridges. (Someone in Canada had a 3-pack with 160 & 300 on the plastic bag.) I also saw several hits that listed the 160 fitting the current Marineland Rite-Size "C" filters.

Presumably, the 160 falls somewhere between the 150 (current) Rite-Size "B" and 170 (discontinued) Rite-Size "C". If you wish to stick with the old filter, take the old cartridge with you to the LPS and see whether you should try size "B" or "C".

If neither size is close enough for you to be willing to buy and test fit, then you are probably looking at buying a new filter unit.

However, there is an alternative: Reuse the old cartridge frame to make your own.
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