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Greetings all,

I am looking to do a (hopefully) very nice 75 gallon setup.

I have made a DIY LED fixture in the past, unfortunately I have forgotten more than I remember on it.

I really like the look and shimmer of the Kessil lights (160 and 360s) and I really like the option to change color temperature and intensity. However, the power seems low to me for the height of my tank and the pricing is too high.

I feel like a DIY fixture done right would be able to mimic the benefits of the Kessil, but would allow me for more customization, more controllability and more programmability.

With that I am thinking of the Cree Lumia 5.2s.

I am planning one side of the tank be raised ~12 inches +/- 4 inch slope that will have some carpeting plants (HC, hydropiper, belem, etc) which due to the raised height i dont think I'll need higher intensity on that side.

The other side will have crypts (green/bronze wendtii, balansae, ...) and stems (rotala indica, ludwigia ovalis, ...) and maybe some hygro pinnatifida

1. Is there anyone with experience with the Luma 5.2s

2. What's the pricing on Orpheks Atlantik (What's the PAR and Coverage also)

3. Is there another pendant lighting style I'm missing?

4. (See Attached) Is the following everything (or near everything) that I will need to try this, and are the Lumias okay on their on 6 inch heat sink, or would i need 12s (I would much prefer them on 6" if I can make that work with heavier heatsink or more active cooling)



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