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Pellet Food is bad for fish? Hmmm.

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Had some bad things coming from my Dwarf Gouramis the other day and I started doing some research into parasites. I'm going to pick up some Sechem Metronidazole tonight to feed all my fish as a preventative measure. Supposidly, it is plant and shrimp safe if used as directed.

Anywho, I called and talked to a guy at after seeing their site info regarding parasites, etc... I have no idea how reputable this company is and who knows what my DG's really had but I found his opinion of food interesting. I told him one of the few foods I use is New Life Spectrum's tiny pellet food. 3 of my LFS' use this exclusively.

He said he never recommends pellet food because it is a pressed food and when a fish eats them, they then swell in their stomach, which causes all kinds of problems. He said he is a doctor and they have their own lab and constantly runs tests, etc... and they disect a lot of fish to research food, disease, etc.. He recommends frozen, live and flakes. I also feed flakes and frozen.

Again, I don't know but would like to hear some opinions.
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If you're concerned, try soaking the food in tank water for a few minutes before feeding them to the fish.
I've found pellet food is more likely to cause problems for my fish than help. I had a betta almost die from constipation from feeding him pellets. Once I stopped and used flake foods, the fish lived three more years. Especially the cheap stuff. He is right that it swells up. Have you seen it soaking in water like captivate suggests?

Remember, a betta's stomach is roughly the size of it's eyeball. Think about that when feeding as well as these guys are gluttons.
It relates to quality. Pellets made with wheat binders will swell more than a higher quality pellet. Over feeding would be more likely to be the cause than anything. Even "cheap" omega 1 pellets don't swell. My dainchi and nls pellets do not swell either.
Feed a variety of food is key. Get frozen and live fresh food into the mix as well.
I do feed a variety and did think about pre-soaking. I think I will try and watch the extent to which it swells.

Over feeding is a bit tough to control in a community tank when the feeding frenzy starts. The fish that tries hardest, gets his fair share and then some.
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