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I wanted to document the PPS-PRO fertilization method I will try.
I got my dry ferts from GL today and I mixed the 2 bottles.

This is the tank today:

This is more info about the tank:

This is how the tank looks from far, sorry for the quality of the image!
I made this tank myself, yes the glass and the wood from scratch in 2004.

Anubias barteri
Hydrocotl verticillata
Hydrocharis dubia
Utricularia sp.
Cryptocorye wendtii tropica

1- butterfly loach
1- Hill stream loach
10- Giant coolie loach
3- Spotted puffer
6- Amber tetra
2- forktail rainbow
2- Harlequin tetra
1- Clown plecostomus (as old as the tank)
2- marble hatch
1- Otti

Feed daily with 1 cube of frozen hikori shrimp mornings and 1 cube of frozen bloodworms in the evening.

Numbers right before turning lights up in the morning over night

NO3 7.0 mg/L
GH 100 mg/L
KH 140 mg/L
PH 7.0
PO4 0.2 mg/L

After the weekly 7.5gal water change and plant trimming I add the following seachem flourish nutrients:

3ml Flourish Comprehensive Supplement
3ml Phosphorus
6ml Potassium
10ml Nitrogen
3/4 tsp Equilibrium

I make 2.5gal batches of new water with:

1/4 tsp tetra aqua aquasafe tap water cond.
1/4 tsp seachem solid alkaline buffer
1/3 of 1/4 tsp seachem solid acid buffer

This is my tap water:


Light is a Glo 24" with 2 tubes Live Glo 22" 24Watt T5 HO. 4" from the water surface and 17" from the substrate. Goes on twice a day in 4 hour cycles (10am-2pm and 5-9pm aprox) with a 3 hr brake and a 13 hr night. There is indirect sunlight during day time.

I had to add some cheesecloth to avoid hanging the lights as it was too much:

CO2 is 4 bubbles per second and goes into the Fluval 204 intake (has a surface skimmer)

Temperature ranges from 77F to 81F

Substrate: 7yr old Caribsea Floramax for Planted Aquarium or ECO COMPLETE (don't remember) and some fluoride and playground sand (from when I had a flounder)


getting this T5HO lights and CO2 (~2007-08):


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A couple of random pics:

This one shows how poor are plants:


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I like puffers, but no shrimp allowed, but no snails either, the kulis are great critters also.
I know... I'm trying to get the albany aquarium to take them back, I want to come back to invertebrates, tank and plant leafs look filthy.

I like puffers but they need a bigger home and I need my amano shrimp army back to work.


Question: The mixed bottles have a lot of sediment, should I wait for it to dissolve? will it dissolve?

Btw, why does it take long for to email back to become a member? :icon_frow
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