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Peat Moss vs Clay Based

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So it came to my attention (sort of rudely I might add) that my potting mix is Peat Moss and not clay based. Is this a problem for planted tanks? I've never used potting mix before for a planted tank but I would assume that terrestrial plants use the same nutrients as a submerged plant.

Nonetheless... If my Miracle Gro won't work for my 1(ish) gallon jar I'd like to know before tomorrow so I can go exchange it.

The nutrients in it seemed just fine, similar if not exactly the same as what's found in Flourish.

I'm sure there is concern about PH being affected by this potting mix but all that will be in it for a while will be plants. I know it will go through an intense bacteria bloom.

Anyway original question, is Peat Moss bad, should I find clay based potting mix, or will it be OK for my jar?
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So, here's another question after much research...

Turface? I know it's a CEC so stores nutrients. What if I used Turface over a thin layer of the Miracle Gro and capped with black sand?

What concerns do I have using the MG, in regards to ammonia rising?

I suppose the MG I bought is not fully organic. As far as I can tell.

Bump: Actually I am going to return the MG in favor of the organic one. I noticed the ingredients for the mix had ammonium, and while I don't know much I know enough to want to ditch it. Actually I may even keep it for growing tomatoes.

Anyway, I'll buy something that is a CEC, maybe organic MG (undecided here), and I'll cap with my black sand.

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I believe a aquarium enthusiast I know uses something along the lines of Turface for its CEC properties. I don't think he caps it with anything, he goes dirt below, Turface above. He gets excellent plant growth, so you don't see the substrate in his aquarium, so it doen'st matter if turface looks funny for him. I've never had that much luck with plants, so I* pay up for something with more aesthetic properties.
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