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Pearl Danios eating other fish?

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After being unable to do a deep clean on my main tank, I was working closely on it today and noticed rather than 5 Oto's and 10 ember tetras there were 2 Oto's and 6 embers. Could pearl danios have eaten these? Or could they have died without me noticing and been scavenged? I was under impression that the danios were peaceful, but since they're so much bigger...
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When I had celestial pearls they wouldnt even eat the shrimp in the tank unless the caught a shrimplet out in the open. They will chow on a dead tank mate though. I suspect the other fish died from something else and became a midnight buffet for their old friends.
I find cpd's rather choosy with their foods. If one of their tank mates had died, I would suspect the scavengers like ottos on the carcass sooner than cpd's. They are a peaceful breed that easily outnumber any other species of fish and shrimp in my tank and do not appear to harass any others from my experience. I spend a fair bit of time daily gazing into the tank... My moment of zen seeing them and my crypts grow slightly each day... Ahhhh....
Not CPD, regular pearl danios. I wouldn't suspect CPD's
They might, but Embers are so small the microorganisms could have decomposed them in just a couple of days. Also, so small that any blip in ammonia would have been removed by the plants.
That might be what happened Diana, thank you and the others for your feedback. Going to have to monitor things closer I guess and keep it less jungle like in there so I can see what's going on.
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