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Peacock Gudgeons

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Ok, I went to a local organization fish auction and got a side deal from a guy who was breeding these guys and ended up getting 24 of these little buggers for only $10. I have them in my QT right now running at 78 degrees and with some red root floaters in to keep some shady spots in the tank.

I know these guys are tube spawner's, any luck with them? With a batch of 24 that are from 6 unrelated parents "supposably" I should have some fry sooooon I hope. Just need to know more about their spawning conditions. The tank as I said is running at 78 and pH is about neutral. Any ideas? I have some 1/2 inch PVC in there for them, but they never touched it yet.
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Sorry I cannot answer your question, but wanted to say...I just found these fish the other day & they look great in photos. How do you like them in person? Would you let me know what their personality is like after you have had them awhile? I was thinking of setting up a tank for them with some Batik loaches.
For the few hours I was able to watch them before heading back to my college campus they are very standard it seems. They like the mid to bottom of the tank and just hover and chill. Males flash the females with their finnage and chase each other. So like little cichlids/rainbowfish lol.
Thanks for your reply. I think I will pass. I had my experience with Killifish, the male always chasing the female around and bullying her. I didn't like it.
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