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Patricks Dirted Tank

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So I just got in to fish tanks around Thanksgiving and I wanted to document my progression since then.

I found a 16 gallon bow front on craigslist for $50. I cleaned it and added dirt and a black gravel cap. I then found an amazing piece of driftwood in the creek on my property along with some rocks. So at the start of the cycle this is what it looked like.

I then bought amazon swords, spiral crypt, spiral valls, and anubis

I then got a "live" sponge filter to kickstart the cycling process. I let that sit for two weeks then bought 12 neon tetras

I then moved back to college and bought 30 cherry shrimp. Around this time I also bought a Finnex Planted + and a Finnex heater.

Then I bought 4 corydora catfish

I then wanted some floaters so I bought some frogbit and duckweed

And this is how she sits today at around 4.5 months old

Any thoughts and comments are welcome!!
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