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I just found this place while I was travelling to a jobsite. I happened to be in the area and googled on my blackberry for an aquarium supply store.

I must say, if you are a saltwater enthusiast, it ain't for ya. Although they have saltwater fish stocked, it's not much at all.

If you are a looking for plants, not much there. The typical cabomba and Anubias. There was some Eulodia which looked horrible. Oh and yah a ton of duckweed if that's your thing. :wink:

As far as fish selection and quality I give them 2 thumbs up. Very clean tanks, very pleasing layout of the aquarium section. They have a wall dedicated to bettas. They have rows of tanks galore.

It's similar in tank quantity and size to Tropic Isle, but without the rudeness and snide remarks. The workers who I happened to meet on that particular day were not the most knowledgable, but were willing to call the owner to answer my questions!:thumbsup:

I bought the last of their CPD's and some Green Neon Tetras and some fancy guppies for my son. Did not see any freshwater inverts, but they said they're not a good sell.

All in all i think this is a decent place for those who live in the vicinity. I live in Brockton now, so i'm somewhat centralized. I can hit Lovely Pets and Skipton's, and take a drive to Uncle Ned's (skipping Tropic Isle on the Way), and North Dartmouth is closer than what I thought.
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