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Hi everyone this is my first post. I've got an idea for a project, and I'm not sure how crazy it is. I'd like to use this copper planter and glass canister to create a patio pond. The 1 cup measuring cup is just there to help with size referencing. The planter is 15" high and holds approximately 10 gallons. The glass holds about 3 gallons.

This is a rough plan of what I'd like to pull off, the plants picture are just for effect and not representative of any exact species.

I plan to purchase a very large terra cotta pot to make up the bulk of the aquatic habitat (hereafter referred to as pond pot). The pond pot will be as large as I can find that will fit in the planter while leaving a little room for soil between it and the planter. I'll drill large holes into the base and sides of a smaller terra cotta pot, and put it upside down in the pond pot, to create a stand for the glass. I'll then put the glass upside down on the stand, fill the pond pot with water, then suction 3/4 of the air out of the glass. Inside the glass I hope to put a floating lily or lily-like plant. Outside the stand I'll plant immersed aquatic plants and outside the pond pot, in the planter I'll plant bog plants. I hop to get a Paradise fish, which will be able to swim from the main pond, through the holes in the stand, up into the glass. I'll put in a small pump, that'll draw water from inside the stand and put it out at the surface to create circulation (not sure yet of what type of feature I'll use here).
So that's the gist of what I'm planning. My main concern, about the logistics of if this is even possible, is will the stand, made of a terracotta pot with holes drilled in it, hold the weight of the glass filled with 2.5 gallons of water? Plan B is to use thin cinder blocks to make the stand.
Other things I'm wondering about while I'm still in the pre-construction phase are
1. will using a spray sealant on the metal planter harm the fish, keeping in mind that the water will only have contact with it after seeping through the soil and terra cotta pot?
2. I hope to get a pond pot that's taller than my planter. If I can find one then I'd like to paint/seal the portion that's above the planter. What is the best way to do this while keeping it safe for the fish?
3. Anything other possible problems that I haven't even considered that anyone can think of?
I'd love to hear any feed back and/or suggestions. Once I figure out exactly how I'm going to put this together I'll probably post about types of plants and the paradise fish.
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