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Patience is a virtue...

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What do you guys do to keep yourselves from touching your tanks? I have a very hard time keeping my hands out of the tank.
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I wish I could tell you. I re-scaped a bit today. :D
start a new tank

if you can't mess with one, mess with another right? :)

though i see you already have multiple ones, in fact multiple #4's. not bad not bad, but i'm sure you can squeeze in a few more tanks :icon_surp
Haha. What I learned is that rather than having 23420384230482394 tanks, have a small number of well-maintained and nice tanks. :)
If you can't keep your hands out of the tank, then try a nano. It's easy to not get wet without changing stuff and you can have lots for the same price of a bigger tank. :-D. That's what I pretty much do.
I prefer the wild grown out look of my tanks,
that does not make for contest winning photos,
but it's what my fish and I seem to enjoy the most.
sometimes I'll move a plant a bit if other plants
are blocking it's light, but any major rescaping
ideas that pop into my head I then save for my
Bi-Monthly tank pruning. of course as part of my
weekly maintenance I'll remove with tweezers any
bladderwort, loose moss, and empty snail shells
I notice laying about, but I won't move around
any of the rooted plants or ornamentation.
by doing something else

- basketball
- girlfriend
- TV
- researching other ideas
- looking at the pictures on Aqua Journal (can't understand Japanese)
- sleep

or simply watching my fish
Ummmm, house remodeling? I haven't pruned in a month, the auto-dosing system is turned off, and I've done nothing but top the tank off in the same amount of time since we're under a severe stage 3 Drought Emergency. The fish are lucky if they get fed :hihi:.
I have a girlfriend and I don't want to watch any (more) tv. I'm only taking one class, and it's easy. Unfortunately, all my hobbies tend to take over the house. I now completely control one of two refrigerators in my house, 3 cupboards, and basically the whole pantry. Then again, we are in college, and everyone else lives on ramen and mac and cheese. The front porch is covered with my herb garden and vegetables. The dining room that no one uses (because we're in college and everyone eats in front of the tv) has 3 fish tanks on it, and the 55 gallon is in the living room.

I think I need a job.
I think I need a job.

I remember when I was in college, I was so eager to graduate and start working. I eventually took a part time job on a call center....and then was hired as a tutor.......and then accepted in the table tennis varsity team. I was so busy I lost time for myself and eventually had to "simplify" it to school and the daily 4-6 hours of tutoring rich and spoiled high school brats.

Now that I've graduated and working a real job, I miss college :tongue:

EDIT: extra money is always fun!
Get a job working construction. When you come home with your hands covered in lead, caulk and various adhesives and cleaners, you don't want to get anywhere near the tank for fear of wiping out all the fish.

Also, a construction job makes beer taste better and showers more pleasant:icon_smil
Been spoiled already. I worked at an accounting firm at a hedgefund the last two summers; I worked for a week as a waiter this summer and I think I nearly killed a customer. (He sent back two steaks and then left me a 8% tip.)
exactly what epicfish said. start a couple of small tanks and take your time planning them and getting them right where you want them.I usually try to go with a real simple set-up so there is less to maintain and less pruning. But usually instead of rescaping I begin to plan my next tank :)
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