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Happy New year Y' all.

Here is what I have to spare at the end of this year for you to Enjoy Next year....2013.

Ludwigia sp. Pantanal--5$/stem

Ludwigia 'Araguaia'-7$/stem

Ludwigia Sp ‘Cuba’~2.50/stem

Blyxa japonica~1$/stem~~Few left.

10ish stems of Limnophila repens "mini"-[STRIKE]15$[/STRIKE]-10$/stem

Limnophila 'Guinea Broad Leaf'~10 ish stems~20$.

6-8 stems of Pogostemon yatabeanus -[STRIKE]10$[/STRIKE]-8$ (Very nice SP.)

Syngonanthus sp.'Madeira'~~15$.stem(4-5")

Golf ball portion FF...thick and Lush growth~12$.

Polygonum praetermissum- 'Ruby'-[STRIKE]5$[/STRIKE]-4$/stem

1st~~ Crypt. Sunset Florida-12$(Submerged) I think has a daughter plant as well attached..yours for free.

2nd~~Crypt. Sunset Florida-10$(Submerged)

Crypts ideii-4-6 leaves~30$.

Egleria fluctuans~ [STRIKE]15$[/STRIKE]-10$/stem~~~4-5" in length.

Eriocaulon parkeri- 4$ each. ~3/10$.~~Few left.

Eriocaulon aquaticum-[STRIKE]10$[/STRIKE]-8$ each.

Echinodorus sp. 'Aflame'- 35$ (Bit smaller~7-8 leaves, super compact~~Wild blood sp.(If you know what it means with this sp.)~~Gone.

Tonina fluviatilis 'Narrow-Leaf'-[STRIKE]15$[/STRIKE]-10$/stem--3-4"

Tonina "Lotus Bloomsom"-[STRIKE]10$[/STRIKE]-8$/stem~~3-4"

Ludwigia alata -11$/stem(Not often offered)

Hygrophila difformis 'varigated'-5$/stem

BACOPA MADAGASCARIENSIS-5$/stem (Slow grower!Nice midground sp.)

Hygrophila 'Thai' aka Hygrophila 'Brown'-[STRIKE]9$[/STRIKE]-6$/stem. New sp.~ Slow grower as compared.

10ish stems of L. Aromatica--15$.

8ish stems of Rotala sp. Butterfuly(this is what I got as but Doesnt look that way in my tank, might be parameter: Take your chances)-[STRIKE]10$[/STRIKE].-8$

Eriocaulon Aussie II- 18$ each.(Huge not Tiny Split~Need to trim few lower leaves as is shaded by its own upper leaves~~ you will be impressed with the size of this sp..

Ammania Sp. Bonsai-10 stems~~3-4"~~30$ shipped. Gone.

Staurogyne sp. 'bihar'~1 stems only I can spare~3$. Good for big tank as a center piece.

Shipping- 7$. MINIMUM 15$. I WONT SHIP 1 STEM OF EACH; MUCH TIME CONSUMING, AT LEAST 5 STEMS OF EACH SP. AND OR OTHERWISE NOTED. Might have Algae, snail eggs, Cori's egg and what not~NO Guarantee. Dont use heat pack so mind your weather..

All these sp. comes from my co2 injected tank with 2 watts T5HO~modified fert dosing. I dose Excel once in a blue moon.

Also have Used Hydor Koralia-550 GPH-30$ shipped.

750 GPH...35$ shipped.(USED FOR FEW DAYS)

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