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SOLVED: Thank you ;) Right now: posting updated images etc.

Pre Note:

> I am new
> Went ambitious with a very small tank
> did a lot of DIY
> was stingy with cash (as I am really low on it currently)


Anyone in hobby, to give a feedback on an Image. Also to give your advice for future based on the data im about to give

Image: I just planted these monte carlo carpet in my nano aquarium. As the plant came in fresh I started planting it. As seen in videos and advice given by experts. It was not at all easy. My hands where shaking. The tank was too small to maneuver. It was hard getting seperate plants to plant as small bunches. Either they dint have a root or the root was too long. Withing like 15 minutre, the planted to look really dull. As the body heat from my hand was affecting the plant. Felt really bad about how the plant was turning dull by the minute. So here are the questions i wanted to ask.

1. Do you think this tank will survive?

2. Did I do the planting even remotely correct?

3. Some leaves look upside down. Will it sprout from it properly?

4. Planted a few monte carlo without any root structure. But looked fresh with leaves. Will it grow roots?

Tank details:

its 1.5x1 feet tank (smaller than a nano i will say)

using flourish excel + Diy Co2

using leaf zone

substrate is ada soil

I also have a crypt wenditi (doing quite well.. Planted that long before introducing the monte carlo... as couldnt get monte carlo when i got the crypt)

In advance guys, Truly appreciate your time. From the bottom of my heart.


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Thanks a lot water life. For the detailed reply. Truly heart warmed by the reply


Klibis thanks a lot for the reply. The reason the light is looking bluish is becoz the the led fixture has a mix of blue and white led. I went with the led that came with my tank itself. It's not the best. But for the budget I guess it is decent. Really hope it works out guys. Will it?.

Once again guys both of your replies meant a lot. Feeling a lot better now. This hobby rocks. Never felt so live with any other hobby. Even gaming like dota2 :p

I currently play dota2 a lot too. Working with my friend on a start up company. Had a recent huge fall with my previous IT company on mobile app development and chat app development. This hobby and gaming is helping me keep my thoughts straight.

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The led is like ... 12 white led and 4 blue led... That's why it gives a blue tint... The depth of the tank is 1 feet.

1. Will this setup work.... Or will the light be too inefficient for any growth at all ?!

The led are a bit lower than daylight white. Staring directly at the light is quite hard. Sorry for being so vague. Coz I am salvaging from what I have with me right now.

If things go bad I'm planing on upgrading the light

2. For now will this work.?? Will the light sustain some growth?

Also for light will any of the following product work for my tank. Ty for the sweet replies in advance guys ...


2. eBay type 1
[Ebay Link Removed]

Or the 12w version of the above. Trying a DIY cheap version here.

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Update guys

I have a small problem here.

1.) few leaves are turning black. At the same time new ones are sprouting out. Is it part of the process.

Or am I doing something wrong here? (I feel I might have melted a few of those plants due to my body heat during planting)..

Please let me know if the tank is alright or not.

2nd question.[THE VIDEO]) The monte carlo is wigling strongly due to water current. The ones right under the flow. Is it too strong? 3.)is it bad for the plant?

ty in advance guys

also guys. I am really happy with the crypt. It did not melt before growing. Its healthy from the start. Has grown significantly compared to the previous update. Also whats the name of that stem plant in the bg. Thats doing super well. grown 6 new leaves in 1 week span.


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