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So here are the questions i wanted to ask.

1. Do you think this tank will survive?

2. Did I do the planting even remotely correct?

3. Some leaves look upside down. Will it sprout from it properly?

4. Planted a few monte carlo without any root structure. But looked fresh with leaves. Will it grow roots?

1. It should if maintained properly. Ask for help if you run into any problems/

2. Planting looks fine. But maybe pull the Cryptocoryne up a little bit so the crown (center of plant at base where stems branch out from) is exposed at the surface.

3. I haven't taken note to that, but I have had floating stems grow leaves the opposite direction, so I guess it could, but for faster growth, just replant it correctly oriented.

4. Usually plants with no roots will grow roots. I have heard roots develop/grow at night when the lights are off. If that doesn't work, try floating the plant and it has a chance to get higher lighting at the surface and can grow some roots.
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