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I contacted Red Sea directly and they were no help.

I recently picked up a used Red Sea CO2 system and experienced issues with the regulator not closing completely. After breaking open the plastic shell, I unscrewed the two halves to have a look around to find the problem. (I play paintball also, so rebuilding regs is fairly routine)

The problem was that a metal shaving had found its way onto the nylon ring/disk that the internal piston seals against. After removing the shaving, I was able to get the reg to seal, but I'm not super comfortable with the fix. The nylon has a pretty decent groove in it from the shaving and if I mess with the piston, I can induce a slight leaking condition while completely closed.

I have the reg operating properly right now, but I'd really like to get a replacement for the nylon ring. Does anybody know of a source for this part? Like I said in my first sentence, I contacted Red Sea directly, and it seemed like they didn't deal with tech stuff for the reg. Judging by the permanent plastic casing on the thing, I don't think they expect people to fix them either. Is a $100 reg really supposed to be disposable when it stops working? That's just silly.

let me know where to get parts please.
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