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Hello everyone

I have some fish you might be interested in:

1 group of adult 18 month old Parkinsoni - this is the orange strain. 4 M, 1 F. They are laying eggs prolifically. The males are starting to really color up now, it will, however, take up to 3 yrs for them to reach their full glory, and they truly are pretty fish. I have a group of juveniles that i will take with me when i move in May since it will be easier to move smaller fish, so its time to pass these on, reluctantly, to someone else. $50 for the group.

g. pseudoincisus/Millennium rainbow juveniles. I probably have a good 2 groups that i can part out at the moment. 6 fish a group to ensure you get a good mix of males and females. Being juveniles they are starting to show hints of color, but you'll need to wait another couple months for them to really color up, however, a chance to get fish a little cheaper. 6 fish, $36 a group.

I should probably mention to those interested in genetics that these are all pure lines that have originated from Gary Lange, one of the primary collectors of rainbows in the U.S.

I do have a hodgepodge of other juvenile fish left over from previous fry batches if anyone is interested, these include:
C. fasciata Faowi Village - 1 adult male, 3 juveniles.
2 parva
3 Lacorte bosemani's, all of these are juveniles.

Will try post pics once the tanks settle, doing water changes today and everyone is still a bit skittish.

Local pick up in Aurora/Lowry only please, no shipping, sorry.

For pics, parkinsoni are obviously the ones with the orange tails. If you want to see more pictures of adult millenniums please visit but as you can see in the pic, they are starting to show their red color.
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