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Parasitic/Bacterial/Fungal advice please.

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some tank info:
10 Gallon Tank
Ammonia-0, Nitrite-0, Nitrates - usually around 20 but can hit 40 before a water change
Ph- about 7-7.2, GH/KH - not sure. test strips are weird. haven't bought liquid yet.
Substrate - eco complete
Plants - 2 Anubias, 1 small/trimmed water sprite, growing dwarf hairgrass carpet (about 30% grown)
CO2 @ 1bps (using drop checker so levels are good)
filter - fluval 206
Lighting- Current Sattelite pro plus. 8hr lighting @ 65%. 2% power on rgb through night.
Temp- kept between 78-80, using eheim 50w tru temp.
stock- 4 female betta, 2 nerite snails, 1 ghost shrimp, 1 otocinclus (added yesterday)
tank has been up 3 months.
unfortunately I never set up a QT tank. (I know I should have)

Now for my current issue.
In the last 3 weeks I have added a juvenile albine bristlenose pleco (died after 6 days). took it as a loss on just got a bad fish. last week I went and bought a juvenile starlight bristlenose pleco (died 5 days later). I chalked it up to poor fish from the store since they both came from the same place. I know they are both going to be too big for a 10g. I planned to move them to my 75 gallon later when they grew another inch or so (they were only about 1.5"). Otherwise everyone had been doing fine. This morning during feeding time I noticed one of my Betta hiding in the back corner at the top of the tank. she has moved around off and on, but primarily has remained either under or on an anubias leaf, or towards the back of the tank at the top of the filter tube. fins staying somewhat closed but occasionally open up. she is not eating and seems disengaged from everything. I do not see any discoloration or lesions. Normally all four of them just cruise in and out of the plants and everyone come to breakfast. my thinking is I may have brought in either a parasite or bacteria of some sort with the pleco's.

I have begun treating with Microbe-Lift Herbtana and Artemiss, never used them but thought I would give it a try. Anyone have any thoughts or insights towards what the issue could be.
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With a betta, you can quarantine in an ice tea pitcher on the counter if you need to. As labyrinth fish, they can be kept temporarily in a pretty small container if you are treating them. It's putting them in little cups permanently that's a problem.

I keep a little plastic 1g container as a backup qt for smaller fish (though I also have a 2.5g for medium fish, and I have air-driven filters for both).

One of those cheap plastic betta tanks stored in a cupboard as a quarantine for your new fish wouldn't take much room. Rather than keep one set up and cycled, half-fill it with tank, half new water when you need to put fish in. Keep a mini-sponge filter and air pump rolled up inside white storing the tank, but leave the sponge part in your regular tank filter, and you have a cycled sponge ready for quick setup.
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