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Parasite? (with pic)

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I've been treating a GBR in a hospital tank the last few days because it had been staying on the bottom of the tank and someone suggested it might be a parasite. Now that it's been in the tank, I can see that one of it's fins is clamped and even appears to be folded over. Also, I see a slightly swollen area near the clamped fin with a small white protrusion.

I've done 2 treatments for parasites using Parasite Clear (Praziquantel). It says that 2 treatments is the maximum number and I'm still seeing the symptoms so, I'm wondering:

1: Does this sound like it's definitely a parasite rather than a bacterial infection?

2: Can I continue to treat Parasite Clear for more than the 2x recommended on the box?

Thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately, I don't think I would possibly be able to get a picture that would capture this as the area is very small.
swollen area near a clamped fin with a small white protrusion... That could be bacterial (with the white bit being dead flesh) or it could be an anchor worm - but you'd probably see more of them, and they'd have responded to the praziquantel, it could also be a fungus, but it would more than likely have spread to more of the fish by now. It could also be cancer...

I've had dwarf gouramis develop spot pattern bacterial infections that eventually ate through them and killed them, no matter what I did. Hopefully you don't have what they had.

I would suggest, since the infection has not responded to the praziquantel, that you do a nice, big water change and let him sit for a day and observe the white spot.

If it starts wiggling around, you know you have a parasite. If it's obviously a part of the skin itself, you know you have a skin infection that's possibly bacterial.

The fish is probably in distress at the moment, and I would attempt to soothe his pain with 1tblspoon of aquarium salt per 10 gallons of water (added slowly over a period of several hours). It should help balance out his fluids, and hopefully reduce any swelling at least a little.

However, it's difficult to medicate without knowing what he is sick with, first. Take some time with a good light and a camera, see if you can get a good look at it yourself and also try to get a photo so we can see what's going on. Also look up on the internet images of anchor worms and bacterial infections on the body and other such things, and compare with what you have on your fish. I've found a Google Image search to be INVALUABLE to attempting to diagnose problems with my fish.

Good luck.
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Thanks Mangala...that does help. After looking at some google images, I think I can safely say it's not an anchor worm. The white protrusion is like a small white plug, for lack of a better word. It just looks unlike anything I've ever seen, which rules out a lot of the images I'm seeing of bacterial infections.

I will attempt to get some pics but, I have a feeling the area won't show up. I'll give it a try though...
Here is the best picture I could actually shows up better than I thought!

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Try antibiotics instead of parasite meds... The white plug (could be fungus) might just be a secondary symptom of an infection.
Thanks, I guess I'll pick up an antibiotic treatment today.
Good picture, but a good side view would be better.
Does anyone know if it's safe to dose an anti-fungal (API Fungus Cure) with Maracyn -TC?
one drug at a time to be safe.. Drugs will stress the fish.
You can dose Maracyn1 and 2 at the same time safely to treat a broader spectrum of issues. I usually give it four or five days in between changing up meds though, sometimes the issue even goes away before I get back to treatment.
Yeah, I was trying to compare the ingredients in my Maracyn TC/Fungus Cure with Maracyn 1/2 to see if they could be dosed together but wasn't able to come up with anything conclusive so, I guess I'll just go one at a time and hope for the best.
So, I've been treating with tetracycline for 4 days now and the fungus "plug" seems to have disappeared the scales around it healed. My fish is still not swimming normally and lives entirely on the bottom. Is there anything else I can do or should I just put him back into my community tank at the end of the treatment and hope he can survive life on the bottom?
I would personally keep the fish in quarantine until it goes or starts acting normal again. At least for a few weeks before moving it again.

Glad to here the bump is gone.
congrats.. it seems to be getting better... You've cured the secondary infection at least. It'll take a while for the fish to be better if it's an internal infection... Is it eating?
Anything weird with its poop or abdomen?
Thanks, I was glad to see that his condition is improving as well. As far as everything else goes, he looks completely normal and is eating as normal. I'm hoping whatever is causing him to sit on the bottom will just go away eventually.
hmm. could be a swim bladder infection. They either float or sink.
Bummer. I hope that isn't it because from what I've read, there is no real cure...unless it's caused by constipation, which I can definitely say is not the case.
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