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Different tanks 20 gal high & 30 gal high.
Inert sand and black diamond substrate.
Current USA Planted + LED lights - getting algae growth, guessing, I'm good. Low light, I'm happy at present.
Osmocote plus root tabs for fertilizer
8.4 pH from local water supply
GH 2 drops 36 ppm
KH 28 drops about 450(+) ppm
Tanks a little higher than tap, but they match on my new kit.

From what I have read, this is softened water. I have contacted the water company to confirm.

Current tanks have platys, a molly, and paleatus cories. All are doing well.

Plants are mixed bag. I've melted 2 orders of plants and trying to get some to start growing. Currently, guppy grass is doing well, after 6 months it is growing. Anubius, Java fern are hanging in there. Ludwigia was doing well until I left on vacation and left the light off for 3 days. I hope it will come back.

Monitoring the latest plants. Hornwort, Bacopa M and Sunset Hygro.

Plants did not and do not show deficiencies. Just melted. Do I need micros since this is softened water? I am reading Diana Walstad's book but don't want to lose any more plants. How often do I need to add more Osmocote plus? Monitoring plants, it looks like every 4 months, but I am not heavily planted. Should I consider dosing micros? macros?

Water parameters:
Is there any reason neocaridina shrimps won't live? breed?
The softening process removes the GH. Do I need to be concerned about increasing the GH to successfully raise shrimp? Not understanding the mineral stones. If using RO water for filling the tank, I understand. But for tap water?

I am working on growing the plants out with the fish and plan on moving them to one aquarium and turning the 20 gallon into a planted shrimp tank in the spring. Reading but not understanding all items yet.

Thanks for the help! RUNuts
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