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Well hello all. I just want to get some opinions. I have 2 tanks i am writing about. One is a 56 column which will soon have a BML Led on it and the other is a 55l that has 3 t8 32Watt 6700K bulbs on it. Lights are on for 9 hours. I dose a pps classic technique and have pressurized co2. I recently did a major trim and rescape on both tanks which left things fairly sparse but have been dosing and monitoring my nutrient levels. I was having a hard time with co2 dosing as well. I would aim to turn it on 2 hours before and it would barely get to 30ppm before lights on but then about 4 hours through cycle it would still climb. So adjusted again and then would not get to the 30 before lights on. So tried a 24 hour and would get roughly 30 at night and would go to about 20 in day. Upon measuring my nutrients i have a steady
10-15ppm NO3
.5ppm PO4
25ppm Ca
10ppm Mg
74deg F
So with all the parameters in line with what they should be, is it still necessary to do water changes. I am still getting BGA and like a brown diatom. I have nano240's in both and running a fluval 406 with spraybar on both. The reason i tried to set things up with out a water change is i don't have the necessary setup on my shrimp ro system to do 25 gallon water changes with ro, so i use tap. One problem. Tap is at 8.8 ph with 4dkh. where as my tanks will stay steady at 7.3ph with the co2 off at night. So i feel like it is a huge shock to tank and may be the cause of the BBA i am also seeing

I really am looking for anyone's opinions or thoughts as i am to the point of giving up. I can not even begin to explain all the reading i have done in the last 4-5 years. All the things i have tried. All the money i have spent on better lights, pumps, co2 systems, ferts, filters, etc. Somebody please help.

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Lots of people run tanks with minimum water changes. Fewer, smaller...

I started doing that when I started EI dosing:
At first, 50% water changes weekly, and a lot of testing.
Then I started backing off from the fertilizer, and reducing the water changes.
Also made changes to the stocking levels.

Net result is moderate levels of most nutrients, but rising GH, KH, TDS through the summer because of topping off. So I still do some bigger water changes to keep that build up lower.
I top off with rain water when it is available.

You probably can adjust your dosing to match the water change schedule that works for you.
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