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Parameter good enough for S. cardinal shrimps?

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so i am planning on buying some S. Cardinal shrimps but wasnt sure if my tank is save for them... here is my water parameter:

ok so i just got the chance to test my tank and this is what i found out...

Ph: 7.2
KH: 8
TDS: 480
Temp: 75F (lights off) - 85F (Lights on)

my ph is low but could be due to co2 being in the tank but co2 is almost always on... so what do you think of the parameter? does it look like the cardinals will live?

this is straight from my tap water... with co2 injection...
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I use the salty shrimp 8.5 in ro water does awesome. I would advise not to use co2 in the tank. At least not until your comfortable with the cardinals. They want very stable water any I've seen them die just from a minor ph swing. I'm by no means an expert but mine are living using the 8.5


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As mentioned about ph swings definitely not good, so as long as your ph stays constant at 7.2 that wouldn't be your biggest issue. The biggest issue I see is the temp being 75 at night. I have found in my experience that cardinals are the most sensitive to temps lower than 80. I keep mine at 82-84f also just straight tap and no c02. My ph is 7.5, tds 300 do to the higher temps, kh 11, and I don't use any water altering salts.

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In my opinion:
- Your pH is too low. pH8 would be better
- Your KH and GH are far too high. In my tank, my water is at GH 3 and KH3, and my dennerli are breeding like crazies. In consequence, your TDS is far too high. 150-200 ppm would be better imho.
- Temperature should be at least 80-82f.
- If i were you, i would stop diffusing CO2 in the tank. CO2 cause pH swings that could harm your shrimps. Moreover with the good parameters for the dennerli, your plants will not be in a very good shape even with CO2. I don't have any plant in my dennerli tank. Only moss that do not need CO2.

Nevertheless, you should be able to adapt dennerli shrimps to your parameters, but with the good parameters, your population will grow very fast in a very few time.

Hope it help!
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