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Paradise fish with swim bladder problems

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Well, the title is self of my new paradise fish (Leopold) appears to have a buoyancy problem. He has to move his fins quite vigorously to stay afloat, although his behavior seems largely normal otherwise. He is currently in a QT tank with another new PF, Laura, due to the presence of ich on both fish. Anyhow, is there anything I can do about the swim bladder problem once the ich is dealt with? I was thinking of reducing the water level in the main tank to make it easier for the fish to get air.
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I found a salt bath or gradually increasing the salt in the Q tank worked for me, I had a mishap with food and a molly ate more than she REALLY should have. She is fine and is still with me.
Coincidentally, I am already salting the QT tank to fight the ick...does that mean that the salt may take both problems out in one blow?
It worked for me, if it is due to parasite. then additional treatment may be necessary.
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