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PAR38 questions

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I have a 12k par38 bulb (21w) with 60 degree optics left over from a nano reef setup and I had a couple of questions before I consider using it.

  • Will the 12k spectrum effect plant growth any differently then my current setup? Right now I'm using 2x Fluval Mini Power Compact Lamps (13w) over my Ebi. Those bulbs are rated at 6300k, I think. Everything I've read leads me to believe it doesn't really matter and that it's personal preference...but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  • Will there be too much lighting from 1 of these bulbs? I used it over my JBJ Picotope just fine so I'm guessing it might work over my Ebi. The optics fit the 12x12 dimensions fine, but the Ebi is taller, so the par levels should be lower towards the bottom of the tank. I also have a spare set of 40 degree optics I could use if I needed/wanted additional depth penetration, but I doubt I will need that. The plants I'm keeping are all low light (moss, ferns, anubias) it could work, but it might end up being a little too much light.

I may just buy some cheaper lower watt par30/38 bulbs a more proper temp. I found cheap 7w 6500K par30 bulbs on ebay that could work. People grow corals under 10w par30s...I'm sure I could manage some low light plants under a 7w? A 9w/14w par30 is also an option..

Just looking for some feedback, thanks!
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I'm using Dimmable PAR38s on my low Light tank. If you don't find a Dimmable unit do have some options as far as height adjustment go.
There a link on my sig. line about what I'm doing.
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