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Great info Hoppy.
I am not sure if I should start another thread or use this one but I am starting a 40 breeder tank. 17" Tall with a 3" or so substrate (flourite black). Lights are Catalina 3x39 T5ho ( I will most likely only use the two outer bulbs)
I will have pressurized Co2 and will be dosing EI. I plan on having a carpet (undecided between UG or HC) Stems in the back (Rotalas? Etc.)
I have flip legs for the lights but it seems hanging would be better according to the graph. if I am reading correctly (for the upper end of medium to low end of high light) I should hang the fixture 25 or so inches from the substrate. Is this right? Given my goals would you change anything regarding the set up? Change the number of bulbs used and/or the height? I really dont want algaefest 2010.
I hope you can shed some "light" on the subject, so to speak.
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