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Par meter

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Anyone in the area have a PAR meter I could borrow to figure out the PAR of my T5HOs I have over my 60G? I can't justify dropping $300+ on one. I'd be willing to pay the person a "rental charge" as well
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I don't have one personally, but you might have a better chance if you allow the person to come to test it for piece in mind. If I had one I would just throw me 10$ for gas and I'll come and test it, or let you test it etc. I don't know if I would let a random person on an internet forum borrow a 300$ tool just for peace in mind, not anything against you or anybody on the forums. I hope you get what I'm saying so I don't come off as a jerk, I'm not saying it that way lol.
No, I completely see your point as to someone not wanting to let someone borrow a $300 piece of equipment. Never looked at it that way.

Well, I'm willing to throw someone in the area some cash (for gas and time) if they can come out and test my lights
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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