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Hello - Not sure if this should go in Swaps or in this section of the board.

There was a thread a while back on the PAR of Coralife Aqualights:

It kind of died right when it got interesting due to a broken fixture.

I now have 2 of the dual-light 36 inch fixtures on my 40Br tank, one running 6700K/10K, and one running 6700K/Colormax.

I would like to add in-tank values to the discussion.

Is there anyone in the area with a PAR meter either willing to lend it or even participate in the measurement (I've never done it so will take some trial and error)?

I am willing to give the total retail value of the meter, either in cash or PayPal as desired, as a security deposit, and a reasonable rental fee...I just am extremely curious about what actual PAR values I am getting in my tank, particularly with the Coralife brand fixture and associated reflectors.
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