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Panoramic Mountain Scape - CRS Habitat

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I started off this tank, with an attempt at a nice iwagumi style.. discovered why there really are not that many REALLY perfect iwagumi tanks. They take a lot of self discipline, patience and restraint.

I had a massive algae problem with it in the past few months, and have finally been able to get the upper hand on it, with the help of some really great advice from people here!

Anyway, the plants situation in there right now is not very good. Everything is just starting to recover, and I replanted everything a few weeks ago. All of my HC, UG and Belem hairgrass died quickly from being smothered by the algae.

Once it stabilizes I plan to cover the substrate with a full HC carpet, and perhaps some B.Hairgrass so that just the rocks are sticking out, like a scottish hillside.

Ahem.. except, last time I checked there were no magical floating islands floating over scotland. So.. ahh.. I don't care. I like floating magical islands, and it's MY Scotland. Hahahaha

I plan to update this thread with new pics once a week from now on. Hopefully it goes well now.


Tank: 12 Gallon Rimless (36"x8"x9")

Substrate: ADA AquaSoil

Lighting: Marineland Doublebright 36" (X2)

Ferts: YamatoGreen-N

C02: Pressurized paintball Co2, Flourite Excel

Filtration: Eheim 2213, dim* long spray bar. (*do it myself. :p )


Hemianthus Callitrichoides

Fissiden Fontanus


Rotala Indica

Marsilea Quadrifolia

Hydrocotyle Verticillata

Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides

Japanese "Belem" micro grass

Mini Pellia

Cuphea Anagalloidea




Thanks for looking!


**Original post**

Unfortunately, I skipped a few steps (didn't take photos).. so here's what the tank looks like now.. I can't wait for it to fill in!!

This is when I had two ZooMed 501 filters (one at each end)

Here's where I work :)


I found my wife's diamond earrings on the floor. Let's see if she notices.. hehe.

And, here are some of my CRS..

This is "Ebi-Wan-Kanobi".. get it? Get it? :p As I'm sure you know, "Ebi" is Japanese for "Shrimp"..

And this is "Was-Ebi":

I'd like you to meet "Ebi-Nee":

And last but not least, here's "Ebi-Murphy".. Ebi Murphy is a bit shy, but I did manage to get this picture:

That's about all I have for now. Thanks for looking!

Please check back (or subscribe to this thread).. I WILL be updating.



I just scored today, this Eheim 2213 filter. It looks like new, and works flawlessly! (Thanks Justyn!)

So, I was running two ZooMed 501s, which I have now replaced with the Eheim. Much nicer!

It came complete with tap valves, which are not standard. I LOVE IT.

I decided to try adding the second LED Double Bright light I have. The problem was that both of them are don't quite fit on the top of the tank together, because the tank's too narrow. Also, instead of pointing straight down, I would prefer both strips to point at opposite parts of the tank, crossing each other's light rays.

So, I built wooden fixtures, rounded to fit them on top of the tank, and now they don't point directly down.

Perfect!! :)

Here are a few pics. I'll post some more once I put it on top of the tank... hope it's not too much light!

Started with some old bed slats..

Cutting and sanding:

Apply some of this to protect/darken the wood:

Before they were drilled and cut:

And, it's done! This was a learning experience.. I may end up buying a couple of thick pieces of acrylic and redo it.

I had to cut slots in the wood for the switches/ power cord. If I do it again with Acrylic, I'll make holes for that stuff. I think it will look neater.

I designed it to open:

Both sides! :)

All the way :)


12 Gallon Iwagumi CRS tank ••• 2.9 Gallon Mini-S Nano Tree Stump
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Awesome, love it! How's it different from hydrocotyle tripartita in terms of growth habits?
Almost identical growth characteristics. Hydrocotyle sp. Tripartita (aka Hydrocotyle sp. Australia) has more pronounced "cuts" in the leaves.. meaning, the leaves are less rounded.

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How did that new scape turn out?

Is the spraybar and the zoomed 501 at the other end enough flow?

Would two 2213 be enough flow?


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How did that new scape turn out?

Is the spraybar and the zoomed 501 at the other end enough flow?

Would two 2213 be enough flow?

Hi Kirk, the scape worked out nicely, but it got a really bad algae/fungal problem and just let it go so it's all overgrown now. I'll take some pics once I've trimmed it all back.

I have a Fluval 306 canister which is plenty of flow on it's own.

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Overgrown is cool too. :)

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