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Pandanus pygmaeus on ebay

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This plant used to be hard to find, but lately I have seen a few new sellers with it. Pandanus pygmaeus is one of my favorite riparium plants. It is a true swamp plant and adapts to growing very well in a riprium planter. I just ran into an ebay sale--it's not mine or anybody I know--with P. pygmaeus at a pretty cheap price...

[Ebay Link Removed]

(I see that my link was automatically removed by the forum software. Just go to ebay and search for it and you will see it for $4.99.)

You should get two or three of them if you have been thinking about doing a riparium setup. I am currently using P. pygmaeus in several planters in my 56 Column setup mixed with swamp palms and other planters. It develops very pleasing, mounding, grass-like foliage and only grows about 12" tall...

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