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Panda cory parasite

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I recently bought some panda corys from my LFS. I got them just as they were coming out of the crate from shipping. Took them straight home, only to realise that all four of them had fungal infections, which got much worse in the following days.

I treated them with Tri-Phospha tablets :

This killed the fungus mighty quick.

One of the corys, though, also had a bloated appearance and seemed unable to stop its tail from floating upwards slightly. I assumed that the floating was because of the fact it no longer has a tail (fungus), and the bloating from a secondary bacterial infection. Once the symptoms subsided I returned the fish to the display tank.

Anyway, I now notice that the bloating is still there (though not as bad as before) even a few weeks after treatment.

Could this be some sort of parasite? What's the best treatment option?
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I'd move that fish back to the QT tank and keep a close eye on it.
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