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Paludarium plants

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I've got a lot of things cooking (2 tanks dry, and 1 just about done just need fish and a few anubias) but one of the tanks is a neet eclipse 5 gallon hex that I plan on doing as a paludarium. I have a few tropical plants that I plan on for the dry area, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice plant that will grow at least a foot tall for the dry section that will also be able to grow underwater later (i.e. I can take clippings/runners and place them in my next tank). I'm also planning a few mosses and java fern in the wet section to keep the endlers and RCS appeased. Can Java fern grow in the dry part?

Sorry I'm really dumb as far as plant selection, I build things and play with electric well, but plants not so much, so this is a new frontier.
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