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Painting PVC with Krylon Fuzion

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Krylon Fuzion Paint is what everyone uses for the aquarium. I use it on my intake , I spray it on my pvc after I sand it a little an gave it a couple of coats and let it dry for a couple of weeks. But when it was put in water I notice it had tiny little pin bubbles all over it ? Should I have use a primer first or do I have to use a sealer after it sets, It look nice when I got done painting it the first time .

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are the bubbles under the paint or on it?
on the surface? It's like tiny little bumps , When I remove the intake I thought it was water drops?
sooo are the bubble on the surface of the paint or below it?

if they are under the paint then you should sand and refinish.
now that I look at it more it's below the surface? But it didn't happen until it put in the water?
you need to redo it. dry it off and sand it down. tape the PVC to a clothes hanger and paint multiple even coats. Let each coat dry before adding a new.

Do not apply the paint too heavy as it will not bind well. if the paint drips or starts to bead and race to the bottom of the piece being painted, you have added too much paint. slow and steady wins the race when painting.
i kinda doubt the water got under the paint, its seems more likely that due to the rough surface there is simply more nucleation taking affect on the piece.

are you using Co2?
Sand with 800 grit first, then 1200 grit, rinse very good, spray 1 coat. Let it dry, spray another coat after.
No co2 at this time my tank is been redone {1.5 years in the making} New filter system an 1inch intake , returns an gravel. Water was added and old filter on for a couple of months.
I was about to finish when I notice a leak when I added water to the pvc line to prime my new Blue-Line 55 HD pump. That's when I notice the blimpish on the paint {it had almost .5 year to curl before I put it in the water} So now I got a new idea for my intake , to use a tee so that I could add a 1/2 inch cap on top to make priming easier to do.
Now I got to paint my new intake again. The Krylon Fuzion Paint says no sanding or primer needed but I sanded it anyway the last time it had a nice smooth surface and about doz. layers of paint , I use 1 whole can on just my intake an 2 returns.
Mine bubbled when I didn't sand the pvc. I have another piece that I properly prepped that is going on 3yrs now and no bubbling. Also, light multiple coats is better than one heavy coat. Follow the directions for multiple coats. The "window" of doing another coat is important in ensuring proper bonding.
Yes! Light multiple coats every couple of hours , That is what I thinking also.

mine flaked off without prepping the pipe. i sanded it down using 600 grit, applied a couple of coats, and let it dry for 6 weeks (until the smell went away).

as nocturnalkid said, the window for reapplying multiple coats is key: within 24 hours or after 1 week.
I did the same thing, painted a spray bar and intake. It seems that there are imperfections with the paint that while under water it lets the bond break between the pvc and the paint. I have noticed that the locations that there were pvc glue cleaner rubbed or sanded the paint is sticking fine. That may the the answer.
Sanding is the most important. The reason is because when plastic cures, there is a slick coat that develops on the outer surface, even when you see "dull" looking plastic. The mold release solution that is used doesn't help either. Sanding gives the paint something to cling on to.
1. Dries to touch in 15 min. or less.
2. Handle in 1 hour
3. Apply additional coats before24 hr's or after 7 days
4. Fully chip resistant after 7 days

This is what it say's on the can of Krylon Fusion
is there a safe top coat or clear sealant to seal the paint , So far I apply lite coat every 3 hr and tomorrow I will add some more but this is how I did the last one.
Will my intake is finish I'm letting it curl for a couple of days before I put in the water.
Nice paint job. 3 hours between light coats, you must have alot of patience.
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