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Painting Back Of Tank~~Would Love Some Pics

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I am about to set up a 38 Tall as part of a wall of tanks. OK I would like to paint the back of it. I have never painted a tank before, classically trained artist in painting yes. LOL
Have read here about gradient backs of blue to black another of hues of dark green. What looks the best in experience here. This is a shallow tank depth wise only 12" will be planted. This is going to be a great set up this tank sets on a platform about 8" off the floor. With a 55 above it that resides on a bar counter between two rooms. From the den view this will be a seamless wall of tanks. We think it will look really sharp. The 55 is viewed from both rooms.

If anyone has any tank shots or links that would help. Keep reading about paints, what would be the most durable???

Did I mention I'm really excited about this!!!!!!!

Thank You~~~Planted tank people are great this is a wonderful community......
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I use the cheap black spray paint from Walmart.

I've painted a 29 gal with flat black rattle can paint and turned out pretty good. Others say a dark blue yields good results as well.

What ever you do, prep the glass well by cleaning it with windex or other solution that will remove all dirt and oily spots that can prevent the paint from adhering. Let it dry for several days until the fumes go away for good.

Rinse/wash tank as a precaution.

Good luck.
I used Krylon Fusion Black Satin spray paint and it looks good, even though I'm horrible at painting. Here is my tank.
Thanks everyone, keep those comments coming need all the help I can get here...
If you're getting it custom ask about having a sand blasted or float fitted back, most tank manufactures in the UK offer this service very cheaply and the quality of finish will be impeccable compared to painting yourself, another option would be vinyl if you want a opaque back ground.
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