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Painted fire red shrimps for sale.

Look at the pictures.

I have a great colony of perfect painted fire red shrimps, they are red, all of them, even males :)

These shrimps are neocaridina freshwater shrimps. They are dwarf (grow up to 1.2"). In fact, it's a very red variety of cherry shrimps.
These guys are easy to keep and can live and breed in any healthy freshwater aquarium. They are perfect pets for your home or office aquarium.
Scientific name of these shrimps is Neocaridina heteropoda var. painted fire red.

Price is $4 each, or 10 shrimps for $35.

Look at the web-site for more pictures and videos of these painted fire red shrimps.

I'm selling juvenile shrimps. They survive moving better and acclimatize in a new place easily. They will be about 3/8"-1/2" in size. I can add some adults for your request.

Pick up in Toronto, Canada near Keele / Bloor intersection.

Shipping is available allover Canada (no shipping to USA, sorry). Shipping in Ontario is usually $13-$21. Shipping to other provinces and faraway places are more expensive. Ask me for an accurate shipping quote with your postal code.
Shrimps will be packed nicely with proper insulation and heatpack if needed. I'm giving live arrival guarantee on my packages.

You can contact me via PM.

I will be happy to answer questions and help you with shrimp keeping and breeding hobby. Thank you for looking.


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