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Painted Blue Mystery Snail?

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I bought two blue mystery snails from They looked really nice, very healthy shells. Since I've had them they have grown quite a bit, but the shell is growing in black, not blue... I'm in Phoenix, our water is hard. GH/KH 180/120, ph around 7.5 to 8. They have cuttlebone and have eaten ground up egshells (I think they prefer that over cuttlebone).

Is it normal for the shells to grow out dark? Excluse the crappy pic, these guys are really difficult to photograph.


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Hi Randym, I have read up on the growth spurts and how they look (In short, I think you're right).

I think they have been eating pretty well. The snails love the rotting lotus seeds, leaves and stems along with hikari crab cuisine. I also throw in a teaspoon of ground up eggshells once a week (I dry them and grind them in my coffee grinder to prevent tomato blossom end rot). I have actually seen the shrimp eating the little egg shell crumbles, they totally disappear within a few days.

I put cuttlebone in, and see the snails and shrimp hang out on them occasionally. Perhaps the snails were direct imports and now get to eat decently :)
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