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Painted Blue Mystery Snail?

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I bought two blue mystery snails from They looked really nice, very healthy shells. Since I've had them they have grown quite a bit, but the shell is growing in black, not blue... I'm in Phoenix, our water is hard. GH/KH 180/120, ph around 7.5 to 8. They have cuttlebone and have eaten ground up egshells (I think they prefer that over cuttlebone).

Is it normal for the shells to grow out dark? Excluse the crappy pic, these guys are really difficult to photograph.


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Mystery snails have two different shell layers. The inner layer and the outer layer. (Only the outer layer can be striped, so if you see stripes, it's the outer layer you are looking at.)

I suspect what you are seeing are snails that have different colored inner and outer layers. Sometimes one layer grows faster than the other, and you get a border like you see in your photos. The other layer will likely catch up eventually.

You must be taking good care of your snails, for them to have a sudden growth spurt like that.
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