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Paintball co2: what do i need to replace when im refilling?

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it's been well over a year since i had to refil my tank on my paintball co2. I've forgotten what i needed to replace when doing so. I recall reading something about an O ring, but aside from that. what else do i need to replace when im taking the asa on/off valve off to prevent leaks and damage?

thank you for all your help :smile:
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Just put a new o ring on once its refilled. And make sure your on/off is off before you unscrew
might also want to replace the inner o rings on the ASA depress valve since it's been a year.
You don't necessarily have to replace every o-ring. There's 3 of them. One on the tank itself and 2 in the ASA on/off valve pin. To maintain them, you can just put a drop of lubricating oil on each one every time you fill your tank. Any 3-in-1 or general purpose one will work. I use this stuff that I bought at Dick's where I get mine filled. You of course want to replace them if your tank starts leaking or if it's been a while.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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