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Paintball adapter question

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I did a bit of searching and couldn't find any threads about people having issues with using paintball adapters (other than slow leaks).

I'm setting up the CO2 on my Mini M and decided to go with a paintball tank instead of a 5lb as the cabinet I built it fairly small. I've got a CO2Art professional dual stage regulator w/solenoid and SMC valve connected to a cga320 paintball adapter; the adapter looks almost exactly like the AquaTek one, right down to the position of the relief hole and blue colour.

Anyhow, when trying to screw the regulator (w/adapter) onto the paintball tank, the CO2 starts rapidly venting out the relief hole in the side of the adapter before it's fully threaded on , which I don't get - and it's not a leak but a full blown dump. It's odd because as I was screwing it on I heard the gas release and the pressure gauge on the regulator moved but as I screwed it on further it suddenly started venting. I couldn't seem to get it tight enough to seal. Scared the [censored][censored][censored][censored] out of me lol. :laugh2: I've probably lost most of the gas in the tank now *sigh*.

I pulled the o-ring off and placed it in the adapter and it seems to be a nice fit (slight interference fit) so I'm not sure what the problem is. It's like the nib in the adapter is engaging the pin on the paintball tank too early. Not entirely sure. I'm going to try a bit of teflon tape next and see if that helps, though I doubt it.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

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It seems that you just didn't screw it on tight enough. I found that after applying silicone lubricant to the thread I was able to tighten it better than without it.

But I'm still new to the whole co2 thing myself so wait and see if you get some more suggestions.

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I made a video of me tightening it as far as I could by hand, while it was venting (ugh), and it still wouldn't seal:

I'd had enough of screwing around at the moment so went and bought a 5lb tank, which I setup in about two minutes lol. I'll end up using the 5lb for my 90p when I get it setup and I'll give the paintball tank another try on the Mini M (with different adapter) then.
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