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What is the best type of paint to use to black out the back glass in an aquarium?
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Is this to be temporary or permanetn. Krylon spray paint is easy to apply. It is difficult to get off though. Otherwise a sample can of household paint can be used. It just peels off.
Ok Ill probably go with household paint just in case
Read somewhere this forum 8 oz sample paint enough for three coats for tank 5' by 3' by 2'. Waited an hour between coats.

I prefer Benjamin Moore Natura Interior Paint because it has Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) Zero emissions, and No harsh fumes.
I used Dipit spray on a 10g I have as I figure it will easily peel right off if/when desired.

Whatever you use, tape off the plastic as any paint will scrape off glass easier than the plastic frame.
For what its worth, I've always used high gloss latex paints. I don't think it makes a noticeable difference in appearance looking through the tank if you use flat/matte, semi or high gloss. I just like the slick surface for wiping off dust and the occasional splash back there. I feel like flat paint is more likely to saturate and get soft when wet, where the gloss is more protected/ water repellent. I have painted the backs of all my tanks, some are over 10 years old. Either spray or brush work and looks the same once its done. Brushstrokes aren't noticeable after the last coat or two. Just go thin and let it dry completely between coats no matter what paint you use. Repeat until opaque.
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What I had to do with my Big 240g that was already in place was roll som black paint on their. it was lowes's sample paint. I got 2 things of it. and it works. all paint will go on the glass but can be easy to come off. krylon fusion is the toughest I know that won't scrape off as easy as other. unless you go with plastidip.
I love Plasti Dip!!! Easy on easy off!
Is there a difference between the spray can version and the can version?
Not that I know of, Just one sprays and the other you paint on with a brush or roller.
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