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Low Light - Low Tech Plant Package
I trimmed my tank a while ago and just threw it all into a spare 2.5 gallon tank. Well, the plants took off in there, too. I need to do another trim, so the plants from the previous trim need to find a new home!

$40 for the entire package including priority shipping. (See shipping notes below)

Items in this package:

Süsswassertang (Lomariopsis sp) (AKA Suesswassertang or Subwassertang or incorrectly called Round Pellia) - golf-ball sized portion (at least!). No Co2 required. Great for shrimp, fry, and fish.

Bacopa Australis - A bunch of stems! I grow this as a floating plant, which my adult and fry shrimp absolutely love. They are always hanging out in it and grazing. Most people plant it in the substrate. Bacopa will usually melt in a new tank, so just float the stems until new leaves and roots start to grow. Then either keep it floating, or plant in your substrate.

Java Moss - Loose, pulled from all the crevices it seems to always get into. Not sure how much I will end up with, but it should be a good clump.

Just Added: Mini Bolbitis (Baby Leaf) - Bolbitis Heteroclita Difformis - Several stems. Another great rhizome plant that the shrimp adore.

Plus any other things I've forgotten that were in there. I might have a rhizome of Java Fern Windelov to also put into the package.

Please note: my tanks have pond/bladder snails as part of the clean-up crew. I will do my best to remove what I can find before shipping, but I can't guarantee that there won't be any hitchhikers.

Payment is accepted through PayPal only. Please make sure your Paypal account address is up-to-date, as that will be the address the shipment will be sent to.

USPS Priority shipping within the continental USA only (sorry, can't ship to California). The buyer will be notified if shipment is held in the event of extreme weather conditions. I typically ship Monday or Tuesday.

If plants are dead on arrival, please contact me asap with photos.

Please contact me for any questions!
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