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The plants are short of food (NPK) referring to the photo. At less than 1.5wpg my low tech puts color in hygro, reopens, and my melon sword (which is what that looks like). This thread covers the fish spawns for the most part but post #75 shows the tank set up.
The lighting is 4X15w plant grow bulbs. Color and size will come when you feed the plants.
Following photo from the site library.

Root tabs will help more than eco-complete if only one is to be added alone(IMO)
The tank in the above linked thread has been set up for 20+ yrs with plain old river gravel. About a year ago I guess I added flora base adding about two cups a week untill I had added about 2/3's of a bag allowing it to find its way through the existing gravel w/o tearing down the tank. It helped a lot with the plant growth but I now add root tabs replacing/adding new ones about every three months. Plants grow very well and less algae issues.
Best of luck going forward.
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