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OVT's 30g Shallow Cube Riparium --> A Bunch of Fibs and Honest Lies

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The Tank:
rimless, regular glass "shallow cube" by Mr. Aqua @ 24" x 24" x 12"H.

I have been looking for this tank for 6 months: ADA does not make it, GLA is out of stock and is not answering my emails, DB has a black rim on the bottom and black silicone. So, the Mr Aqua's MA-610 turned out to be my only viable choice.

The quality is pretty acceptable, especially for $160:

The above is the worst area I found so far: the back of the left panel is slightly mis-aligned and you can see the silicon work. Hm. I hope it holds water. The side panels's thickness appears to be 5mm, with the bottom significantly thicker.

This tank will replace my 10g that I picked up while looking for this tank.

The tank's location is a bit awkward: it will sit on a 10.5' long x 32" high x 24" wide divider between the Living and Dinning rooms. That divider already houses my 120-P and 60-P tanks:

View from the house entrance:

View from the Dinning room:

You can see the existing 10g on the very left on the picture above. (my wife is a Saint, ... or close).
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Oops people. This time around this tank was not ment to be a "permenent" one...

It's still up but bare bottom, with a single piece of driftwood, some floaters and 4 pea puffer gluttons. The rest got moved to my "new" 140g, as was my original intention. The puffers will get rehomed once I shuffle some fish around and the tank will go dry and back into the garage.

But for a (even a picture of) @Discusluv pie I might reconsider my whole path in life.
I looked and couldnt find a picture of a chocolate pie that Ive made.
Will these do? : :laugh2:

Lemon meringue

Lemon Cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate frosting
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