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OVT's 30g Shallow Cube Riparium --> A Bunch of Fibs and Honest Lies

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The Tank:
rimless, regular glass "shallow cube" by Mr. Aqua @ 24" x 24" x 12"H.

I have been looking for this tank for 6 months: ADA does not make it, GLA is out of stock and is not answering my emails, DB has a black rim on the bottom and black silicone. So, the Mr Aqua's MA-610 turned out to be my only viable choice.

The quality is pretty acceptable, especially for $160:

The above is the worst area I found so far: the back of the left panel is slightly mis-aligned and you can see the silicon work. Hm. I hope it holds water. The side panels's thickness appears to be 5mm, with the bottom significantly thicker.

This tank will replace my 10g that I picked up while looking for this tank.

The tank's location is a bit awkward: it will sit on a 10.5' long x 32" high x 24" wide divider between the Living and Dinning rooms. That divider already houses my 120-P and 60-P tanks:

View from the house entrance:

View from the Dinning room:

You can see the existing 10g on the very left on the picture above. (my wife is a Saint, ... or close).
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Looks good OVT, I like it! Even the substrate color looks good to me, it's different. It'll be interesting to see how the substrate looks once the tank has matured after a few months. Keep us posted on the project.

"Turns out it's been discontinued, which means I now have to have it." Don't feel bad, you're not the only one that has this curse. No telling how many items are buried out in the garage that fall under this category. Who knows, maybe some day I'll even find a use for them!!
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