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Overstocked 50-gallon

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I am fairly new to the hobby and have been at it for about a year and a half now. I started from a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon, up to a 29 gallon and now a 50-gallon breeder tank that's 36 inch x 18 x 19 tall running on a Fluval 306 and a Fluval 206 filter and have overstocked a planted setup with:

2x Sataonoperca Daemon (6 inches each)
3x Geophagus "Red Head Tapajos" (one young adult and the other 2 are 2" juveniles)
1x "Electric Blue" Acara (4 inches)
1x "Firemouth" (4 inches)
2x "Bolivian Rams" (2 inches)
7x "Oto Catfish"
6x "Panda Cory"
4x Syno. "Dwarf Petricola" (cb. have been with me since I had a 10 gallon)

I know some of these fish would not be compatible ideally but I like to try new things out and if they work out great!!! Luckily, this current setup has been going for more than 2 months without any issues, fish look great showing great coloration and my Daemons which are known to be very sensitive to water parameters have been doing great and school with the Red Heads. My Ph sits at a pretty consistent 6.0 while Ammonia and Nitrites have never gone above 0, and Nitrates have occasionally gone up to 5.0 ppm. I do a 25% water change 2x a week. For the time being all has been well and I'll upgrade when needed.

Anyways, i just want to share what I got going and post my first post here.


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beautiful fish!
Any aggression issues?
Any aggression issues?
Kind of piggy-backing off this... It's community tanks like these that make me want to try and put Pea/Dwarf puffers in my tank. Normally the aggressive nature of those fish would make it a no-no, but personalities vary I guess..
The girl at the closest LFS to me has 3 dwarf puffers in a tank with small fish like guppies etc...
They seem to be ok
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